Coorg: Where the Hills Call

It is not the first time that Prasanth and I were travelling to a destination during its off-season. We have done that with Goa in the past, and now we did it with Coorg. It took me a long time - almost the second or third day into our trip in Coorg - to realise... Continue Reading →


Via Ferrata: Adventure at a Height

The rush of adrenaline shoots through the body. The palms get sweaty and beads of perspiration turn into hurried streams running down. The heart pumps so hard that the beats seem to echo against the rocks. The climber shuts his eye and swallows hard before taking his next step. Welcome to the experience of via... Continue Reading →

Trail of the Ceviche

The youngest of five children, Bruno Andres Santa Cruz grew up in a family of working members. The young boy was dissatisfied with the food being cooked at home, and ventured to prepare on his own. After poring over recipe books, and through multiple trials fraught with failures and successes, he started learning the culinary... Continue Reading →

Oman’s Sole Turtle Ranger

Born in the fishing village of Qantab, Mohammad Al Hassani grew up as a child of the sea who loved playing in the lap of waves and discovering the myriad mysteries of the deep. Having known the sea intimately, it was no wonder that he was privy to its secrets. He never doubted that whatever... Continue Reading →

Bait al Safah: A Living Legacy

Travelling down the narrow roads leading into the old village from the town is like stepping back in time. The vestiges of modernity seem to become evanescent as the ancient dilapidated houses spring up in view. Located in Al Humra, on the outskirts of Nizwa near Tanuf , in the Ad Dakhiliya region, in what... Continue Reading →

Perfectionist Par Excellence

Everything is either in black or white for him. The grey scale does not exist. Perhaps it is this attitude towards perfection and clarity that has led him to where he is today. Hailing from the small Italian hamlet of Torino, Igor Macchia is a Michelin starred chef who tours around the world showcasing his... Continue Reading →

Learning From The Heart

His magnificent beard and matching hair give away his profession. The only unexpected element is the vibrant teal kurta he is clad in, which negates the cliched perspective of associating sombre colours with the intellectual. He has served as a scientist at the space department for two decades and has also worked as a deputy... Continue Reading →

Tastes from The Emerald Isle

The knife feels no pressure as it slices through the tender fish, which quickly disappears off the plate. Biting into the Fish Ambulthiyal is a transcendental experience as one feels the marvellous burst of flavours in the mouth. The plump portions of tuna, drenched in tangy gamborge sauces tingle the taste buds. Mouth-watering wedges from... Continue Reading →

The Bounteous Boulders of Oman

Most people perceive Oman as a laidback and tranquil place where one can watch life pass by at a quiet and unhurried pace. But a team of international rock-climbers are out to showcase the adventurous side of the sultanate that offers a rush of adrenaline and throws challenges not encountered in other parts of the... Continue Reading →

Murud-Janjira – The unconquered might

I hadn’t heard of Murud-Janjira till the day I visited it. Neither had I heard of Kashid, which I was able to visit only because it lies on the way to Murud.  Part of a really disappointing trip to Alibaug, it was only Murud which left a mesmerising impact upon me, memorable enough to make... Continue Reading →

It Rains In My Kitchen

When you have lived all your life in a place, you are expected to have become accustomed to its climate. Not me. Then again, I guess I am not alone. For, no matter how long you may have lived in Delhi; its temperature of 47° Celsius in the peak of summer would seldom spare even... Continue Reading →

A Japanese Dream in Goa!

As promised, I returned to Anjuna for a second time. This time it was more appropriate, bang in the middle of the Christmas-New Year season. With more than a week’s time to spend, I was sure to have a way better time and plenty more memories. It was on one of those days, that Machine... Continue Reading →

When All That Glittered Turned Out Grey

A week’s arduous planning and itinerary making for a trip to Alibaug (just another place I hadn't yet visited till then), with countless nights of me breaking my head simply deciding to choose the mode of travel, and innumerable phone calls to find a cheap and decent hotel; got transformed in a matter of minutes on the... Continue Reading →

Heaven For Child, Woman Andaman!

A dream undreamed it was, that struck me as a reality, and was still hard to sink in. Out of the blue was the announcement from my father one fine day, of flight tickets to the Andamans. It is a place we all have grown up having heard of since childhood, thanks to our Geography... Continue Reading →

Smells Like Bombay

Smells can bring back memories. That whiff of lilac talc that reminds you of your mother, the fresh new plasticky smell of Mr.Clean crayons of childhood, the damp smell of books that take me back to the dingy library of my college... They might not be all around you, but when they flit across your... Continue Reading →

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